Tuesday, 28 November 2017

A day I was proud of myself

A time when I was proud of myself was back when I was 7 years old it was back in 2014, we went down to the hospital playground and I played.

Next I saw a place but I did not know what it was called but it looked great so I went to it and I saw some kids there and I played with them.

After a man told me I should go and dance... so I did and some people came and looked At me and I got scared but I just
Followed my brother, it was fun!!!

Finally when I was finished dancing me and my friend went back up to my sister so I can tell her what I did I was happy so was my sister she was happy for me and that is when I was proud of myself!!!                                              

movie time


My comment is a quality comment because I encouraged them to make another movie and that it was enjoyable.                                       

Thursday, 16 November 2017


Larry bird has got the ball he fakes the pass and goes for the 3 pointer oh my god he shots...and he... scores...hi Alamoni and I think you know what I am talking about... basketball is the subject I will be talking about to you.

Hey do you people know larry bird... well if you don’t well now you do,to me larry bird was the best 3 pointer person ever (and again I think larry bird was the best and always will be!)

Well do you people know stockton john don’t wow and I thought that we go to school to learn but again you know now,did you know that john stockton has the record for the most blocks and most steals too I wonder who will beat it!!!

Please tell me you know  Michael do or do you just know his shoe well if you do I’ll give you that but back to the story,michael jordan was the best at everything and guess who was just like him.... larry bird, if you were one of them who would you be and I am saying it to everyone and when I mean everyone I mean everyone,sadly we have come to an end but just know if you become a basketball player remember it is not about the money, fortune or fame ... you play for your fans and for fun too, like every basketball player did,oh and  one more thing for you to know  you have to watch basketball it is a must huh  and that people is my speech about basketball thank you for listening!!!                                      


Thursday, 2 November 2017

An orange with dreams

Hi I am an Orange and I think you know my is Orange!

I wish I had a brain so I could mind control people to not eat me, my sisters and brother too.So they will eat people instead.(Evil laugh,haha)

If I had a brain I would be the luckiest orange because no one wants to eat a brain.(Maybe zombies!!!)

I wish I had a brain so I could think, “hey look at me I am thinking”.  My wish came true but my brain did not!!!

Lastly my thinking came to an end because a boy ate me and I thought a story ends with a happy ending, looks like it doesn’t for an orange.Screenshot 2017-11-02 at 2.27.32 PM.png

Monday, 30 October 2017

I'm the lotto winner!!!

The sign said ‘Danger do not enter’, that is my brother room he only said that because he has the only T.V in our house oh and my name is inner my family only called me that to make me happy but my name was actually loser because I lose a lot but I saw a light oh it saw just the light but I could feel it coming I think!

One day my brother got in deep trouble so he left but not with his T.V, I went into his room…..(oh and I was just 999,999,999 years old  and still young)….I went into his room and I saw the lotto,the days went passed and I got into watching the lotto every time so I try it out!

Lastly I try it out guess what happened...I won the lotto but suddenly my brother came and he was 10 years old and he was old and I forgot that in lotto only older people can play it and when my brother new he came to get it and I think you know what he said….he said ‘I’m going to be rich’ but lucky me because I am  still Winner but I did not win the money... oh the money was 50c it was a lot I wish I had it now!!!(NO!!!)

Monday, 11 September 2017

Rugby report

Hi and today we will be talking about rugby and how it is play too!

Rugby is a sport that mens and womens play,mens and womens are put into teams but everyone knows that men can’t taught womens so womens play against womens.

In rugby there is 7-9 player on the field and each player has a place so they can get the ball.

Rugby is a really long game and that is why in every team there is reserves so if one of the player on field might get injured so you got to get ready for the worst.

rugby is a sport that everyone can play even girls
And boys too,so you can play at home!!!

Finally That people is a report about rugby and how to play it in a group!!!            

Tuesday, 5 September 2017

New Zealand

Hi and today we will be writing a report about New Zealand and talking about New Zealand history too.

Did you know that New Zealand has more sheep than people in the whole of New Zealand and that is a lot,people say 6 sheep for each person in New Zealand!!!

In New Zealand our tallest mountain is mount cook,it is higher than all of our mountain in New Zealand!

Finally in New Zealand we have a lot of milk so we make cheese or we export the milk to other countries.