Friday, 16 March 2018

The Massive Anchor

In 1995 people found an enormous anchor next to the Wellington harbour,they found it because a container ship bound for Wellington's
container port caught their anchor on something on the wellington bed of wellington harbour.
The sea cane,Hikitia,went to investigate.they pull
up a chain and more just came until they pulled up
an anchor(if that was that massive   (taken in 2010)
 it might be a
battleship anchor.)


The Common Wealth games

I thing the Common wealth games is like a mini Olympic because it has lots of sports and also it is placed in different counties too!

This year it will be placed in Australia,at the Gold Coasts so lots of people will be going.

I want to know how much years do we have to wait for it to come on again will it be next year or 4 years later I want to know!!!

I want to know if people aged 30 or under and over can do it, is it the law for people to not do it at that age because what if it was their dream will people let them down or not!

How do they get it set up in time does it take a day or years,does it take 12 hours to do it or not. 

Monday, 12 March 2018


Today I will be writing a story about swimming.
The weeks that  we have been swimming and also have been learning safe rules in and out of the pool.

We have been doing testing to see how far we can swim and our  stamina too so we can swim faster and faster!

lastly we have also been play games  and doing races to just for fun,and that is my recount about swimming.

Friday, 9 March 2018

Why New Zealand should read more

Why New Zealand should read more,we need to read more because when we work at the age of 15 and over we will have to read papers and sign them.

I am for reading because we also do driving  and  you have to do it online and also quiz's too so we know the rules on the road.

 Finally the last thing why New Zealand should read is because so your children don't lack on reading in school, that is why New Zealand need to read more!   

Friday, 23 February 2018


on Wednesday the 20 we saw a tin id explode and yes EXPLODE!!!
we started getting water to put it in the tin can so that the lid  it can burst out like a volcano!

Next we got a pressure cooker  to make the water
inside the tint hot!

After that we all went outside to do the  experiment outside so it would'n't  explode inside.

lastly we waited and wait and waited and BOOM!! it exploded and now you can see it too.