Monday, 11 September 2017

Rugby report

Hi and today we will be talking about rugby and how it is play too!

Rugby is a sport that mens and womens play,mens and womens are put into teams but everyone knows that men can’t taught womens so womens play against womens.

In rugby there is 7-9 player on the field and each player has a place so they can get the ball.

Rugby is a really long game and that is why in every team there is reserves so if one of the player on field might get injured so you got to get ready for the worst.

rugby is a sport that everyone can play even girls
And boys too,so you can play at home!!!

Finally That people is a report about rugby and how to play it in a group!!!            

Tuesday, 5 September 2017

New Zealand

Hi and today we will be writing a report about New Zealand and talking about New Zealand history too.

Did you know that New Zealand has more sheep than people in the whole of New Zealand and that is a lot,people say 6 sheep for each person in New Zealand!!!

In New Zealand our tallest mountain is mount cook,it is higher than all of our mountain in New Zealand!

Finally in New Zealand we have a lot of milk so we make cheese or we export the milk to other countries.


Monday, 28 August 2017

My Yellow poem

Yellow is bright just like the sun.
It shines in the sky every time I run.
Yellow is cool and it always shines.
Yellow is my favourite colour and will
always be mined.  

Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Rainbow's End

I like Rainbow’s End because there is many rides to go on
and also food to eat, I love food so much!!!

When I was 9 my family and I went to Rainbow's End. We went their because my brother worked there so he got me and my sister some tickets so we can go on all of the rides,
it was so cool there!

Next my brother and also my sister and I went on nearly all the rides,it was so fun!!

Finally the last ride was the fear fall. It was so tall that it made me think that I am so small. So my brother and I went on the Fear Fall but my sister did't want to go on it so she just sat down. When we went on it we went up so high but luckily it never went fast. When we were at the top it went down fast but I was happy. That is why I love Rainbow's End!!!                                                              

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

My grandma's and cousin's birthday

In the weekend it was my grandma's and cousin birthday and when we went there we had lots of food, it was good.

When we said our prayers we ate KFC and Tongan food but I did not know the of it but all I know is it was delicious!!!

Lastly when we ate all the food it was time to eat some cakes one of the cakes were chocolate cake and the other cake was also chocolate but it was a heart one and it was big but also fabulous just like the birthday!!!

Thursday, 10 August 2017

KFC for dinner

It was a sunny day on Tuesday it was 6 o'clock we 
were very hungry so my dad and mum got KFC it was like a party in my mouth!!!

when we were done we went to bed and guess what I dreamed about.....
KFC is what I dreamed about and it was fabulous like my dinner!!!


Monday, 31 July 2017

Limiteti's EPIC win!!!

I am going to tell you my past and it is about Limiteti’s
EPIC win!!!

It was a great day for skipping but the ground was very wet and still they did not give up!

It was room 9 and room 10 and also room 12 too.  Room 9 had 4 students and so did room 10 but room 12 had 6 students.  Room 9 was not scared but I think room 10 was!!

After the rooms started skipping it was amazing but 2 minutes later one of our students stop but our 3 remaining students were still going.

Later room 10 and 12 also room 9 lost some students but still some students from each class were still going on.  

Finally we were up to the last remaining three.  It was so great that it got me jumping up and down and we were up to the last two.  It had been 9 minutes and 49 seconds and room 10 lost and the winner of the game was Limiteti.  She made it up to 9 minutes and 52 seconds and it was EPIC!!!
(You have to read this NOW!!!)