Thursday, 21 June 2018

this is about A Hippo that should not be attacked or angerd
but this will tell you what Hippos can do and how big their jaws are so watch this and you'll learn a lot about HIPPO'S!!!

Wednesday, 6 June 2018

hip hop

This video will show you the moves to dance to a song called up town funk.

it has steps the might be hard but try your best it is a fun dance that will get you active and move all around the house.

Lastly if you watch this you and family members can learn to dance hip hop style,(have fun!!!)

Monday, 28 May 2018

The day I became a super hero

One day I was just having fun like a kid would do (I'm an adult,)I was playing on the Ps4 until a sudden noise accrued outside my house so I went to investigate oh yeah and my name is Kaiba and I live in the USA.

I went to the spot that it crashed but all I saw was a deep hole most likely to be a trench,I went to look in the hole to see if something was in the hole (something was in there,spoiler)when I look into it something was in there! it was a little ball with a shiny blue colour,when I pick it up suddenly it fusion with me but I didn't feel anything so I went back to my house and slept on the couch so I thought and a few hours later the only couch I had was broken  (by Kaiba) I went looking for the person who broke my couch but instead I found out I had super powers!

After a while I got to found out what my power was, through out that time I was beating up bad people and putting them in jail but the hardest one I can't beat is...choosing my super hero name it is so hard  (how about Kaiba man) oh I know Kaiba man now that done  (you can say that again.)

One day I was walking along the road acting like my adult self until a villain called Gara a Egyptian god came out in a flash he wanted to make the world how it use to be...ugly

On that day we became the greatest super hero vs villain ever made we had the greatest battles ever I away won but he almost won them to remember greatest super hero and villain ever made but it had to come to an end someday and so it did.

It was 2028 ten years pasted and we both got stronger and we learned each others moves perfectly but I came up with a plan,because he knew my every move I would use something different like copying Batman's moves or Superman too.

I made a battle field that would prove our strength different when we started battling I tried batman's moves and Superman's too and straight away I won because I use other super hero's tactics and because he did not know them he did not know what my next move was he ask me how did you do it how did you defeat me how did you learn your moves and I said from a book because if you keep reading you'll get stronger than ever before so you might want to read now.

Friday, 18 May 2018

Maui the god of all power

I will be telling you a story long ago when Maui was training to be a


Long ago when Maui was training to be a god he had won his 5th challenge and every time he had won a challenge he would get a tattoo,the tattoos meant something,strength,speed,trust, accuracy,and scenes too.

One day Maui thought he would take a break from training to be a god and go visit the mortal world,he had forgotten what a bed felt like so he went off to find one,till then it was night time but just in time he found a little hut with a wooden bed and guess what he did... he went to sleep in the bed.

The next morning Maui got out of bed but it looked like his tattoos woke up first because when he woke up his tattoos were gone.

He wonder of looking for his tattoos but instead he found a  mysterious cave darker than dark colder than cold so he went in, once he step foot into the cave the opening broke into a million pieces and everything turn red because a witch with power beyond the universe was their,she said " I’ll give you back what you want if you get me a star a star far far from this place" so he accepted it but what he did not know was that the star was a legendary hook made from the gods that he was training with.

He found the star and grabbed with all his might,at last he got  it but the star turned into a hook,when he got to the witch he had already got used to it, but instead of giving it  to the witch he kill the witch instead but he did not get his tattoos.

Lastly he went to the gods and they gave him all his tattoos and one last tattoo, a tattoo only gods had...and from that day he became a god..a god with a legendary hook and good looks but most of all his name is Maui the god of all power.

Tuesday, 15 May 2018


Today you will be learning about how to be road safety.

I'll give you one fact because you might think this is boring but once you have read my fact you'll want to walk 
instead.Nearly 1.3 million people die in road crashes each year, on average 3,287 deaths a day. An additional 20-50 million are injured or disabled. More than half of all road traffic deaths occur among young adults ages 15-44,(you might want to walk now.)

So to be road safety you might want to read this road safety poster.

Friday, 11 May 2018

Toi Toi

On 7th May 2018,room 10,9 went to room 11 to see and also read with the Toi Toi people.

First they introduces them self  to us and Konzay came into the class and had to read his Toi Toi story to us it was called my friend Dominick.

Next we went in to 7 groups that had one Toi Toi person that would help us look for a story that we liked,and also one we sometimes loved too.

After we all gathered up into room 11 and we were getting ready to say goodbye,see you later,later gator,and more but we weren't going to JUST say good by...

Lastly as I said on the second to last paragraph we weren't JUST going to say goodbye I went up and said from all of us thank for teaching us that we can do more,Next we all sang a song called this is me.