Monday, 17 February 2020

All About Me

Malo e lelei, Kia Orana and hello. My name is Alamoni and I live in New Zealand also known as Aotearoa. My city is Auckland and I go to Ruapotaka school.

I am a year 8 student and my teacher’s name is Mrs Cardoza. She is a great teacher and is very kind!!! I’m Tongan and Cook Island and have 3 siblings. One is a boy and the other two are girls. We all live with our mum and dad.

My hobbies are Rugby, Basketball, Soccer; I enjoy many more sports but out of them all my favourite one is Rugby. Hopefully I can turn that into a career and if I did become a professional rugby player I think I’d play for Tonga. 

My goal in life is to do extremely great in primary school and college. Also I am trying to go to university and learn more about mechanics and rugby to make my mark on history.

Finally my favourite colours are blue, yellow, and black, I love food and fruit ( I think I got that from my dad as he also loves fruit ) 

Well that is everything about me thank you for reading my blog.