Thursday, 25 October 2018


           On a stressing Tuesday we were doing a lot of testing and we were getting stressed so hard until we had Tennis and we were so excited to see what we were going to do our teacher was peter.

we started of with a little hit with the ball while the other person on the other side chucks the ball to the person.

Lastly  going hard and more hard so at the end we got pretty good and hope to have play it again.

Sunday, 21 October 2018

It's called the holidays not workdays

    One day I was at my grandpa's an grandma's house playing a game with my brother and my cousin.We were playing fortnite on our cousin's PS4. My brother and I were playing it more than our cousin but it was because we didn't get to play it during school-days.

After an hour we were still playing the game but then all I heard was the ring of a phone and well because I have to do everything in the house I got it,I do get paid so thats good.

I got the phone and the one who rang was my mum saying on the phone "Get over here now!" so I did and when I got there my mum said "Go get changed and come help us."

later that day we had ice-cream.the flavour was chocolate ice-cream.It was so flavourful it was like a party in my mouth.

It was night time and it was getting late also getting cold.I needed to go to my grandpa's and grandma's house to look after them.I stayed over for a little bit to have dinner, it was curry chicken so of course I stay a bit longer,plus my sisters wanted me to stay a bit too.

Lastly we ate dinner and I went back to my grandpa's and grandma's house to look after them.It was a long day but I still got more days to have fun because well it was the holidays of coruse. 

Saturday, 20 October 2018

My digital world

 In my time I watch YouTube and on you tube I watch basketball and some Fortnite as well and everything on here and you can look it up too.

Wednesday, 17 October 2018

4 Questions for Frank

                                                            1. How is sound process.
                                                       2.what animal is better at hearing 
                                                         3.what is the thinnest part of the ear called.
                                                          4.what is the largest part of the ear called. 

Monday, 15 October 2018

Achievements for the past

*I achieved my Reading (just a little bit but I'll get better than be for,) goals by learning the definition of the story.

*I achieved my Writing goals by describing the character about their self.

*I achieved my Maths goals because I went over it again and again until I got it.